The NW Muddy Puppy

Provides Caring Grooming Services

Specialty all natural flea shampoo can help rid your pet of pesky pests.

Flea Bath


 A full groom or specialty cut is available for your pure bred or mix breed dog, leaving them looking and feeling great.

A large professional tub with warm hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner leaves your pet smelling great for days. Specialty shampoos available (upon request.)

NW Muddy Puppy

Welcome to Kelso's Neighborhood Groomer


  Open in the Butler Acres neighborhood of Kelso, the Northwest Muddy Puppy is a full service, professionally certified grooming shop that will treat your dog (or cat) with all the special attention they deserve. From simple nail trims to full grooms and specialty cuts, Melia and Lindsay are willing and able to do it all.

Call to set up an appointment!                  (360) 562-7033

Nail Care

Affordable trimming and dremeling round out your dogs nails so they can cuddle without scratching.